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g A Drop of Dew h- Yakumo Koizumi and Shoji Ueda

july 15, 2006 - october 15, 2006
Opening Time 9:00-17:00iticket available until 16:30j

TuesdayiNext day if Tuesday is a National Holiday or Substitute Holidayj,

Dec.29th to Jan 1st

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Adults \800
College, University & High School Students \500
Junior High School & Elementary School Students \300


About this exhibition

gSoon that tiny globe of light, with all its fairy tints and topsy-turvy picturings, will have vanished away.h ------ gA Drop of Dewh from gKottoh by Lafcadio Hearn


An actor and film director, Shiro Sano composes this exhibition. He takes out and reconstructs the images from his own film, titled gA Drop of Dew,h trying to looking into the world of the photography of Shoji Ueda through the texts by Yakumo Koizumi, and vice versa.


Yakumo Koizumi (Patrick Lafcadio Hearn) is an author known by the novels such as gGlimpses of Unfamiliar Japanh or gKwaidan.h This Greece-born Irish author traveled across Japan between 1890 and 1904 (died in Tokyo), pursuing spiritual matters in the Japanese landscapes in Meiji Era (1868-1912). He loved its climate, culture, and peoplefs mind.


What drove him into such traveling is said to be the experience of residing in Sanin area, especially one year and three months in Matsue. He left a note about Sanin in admiration, gIzumo, land of the Gods.h

In an essay, gA Drop of Dewh published in 1902, Yakumo tries to describe transient nature of short-lived glow of life and an image of micro cosmos that embraces immense secrets of nature, by writing about a drop of dew that was quivering and hanging on bamboo trails of a window in his study room.

Shoji Ueda, born in 1913 to SakaiMinatoCity, Tottori in the same Sanin area, also tried to capture the landscape of his hometown by expanding his world through photography. While focusing on familiar landscape and people to him, he successfully cut out and reconstructs phenomenon that was captured in the frames, revealing universality hidden in physical reality, going beyond time and space. Every single print reflects not only his inner-world but also the transient glow of life, that Yakumo Koizumi also expressed through his writings.




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